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Red Sox fans are the most pathetic, whiny, and horrible pieces of shit on the planet Earth. You assholes finally got your World Series, AND YOU ARE STILL WHINY!!! YOU CUNTS CAN NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN! These cum guzzling gutter sluts probably don't realize they have become exactly what they hate!! They ARE the Yankees now! They think the world revolves around their team and the team is God's gift to their lives. They buy every single big name free agent (Ramirez, Schilling, Beckett, Pedro, etc.), and they are hypochondriacs on the highest level, and are twice as cocky and arrogant as Yankee fans. At least Yankee fans don't make death threats to someone who wears a Sox jersey on the streets of Manhattan. Shit man, the Cubs and White Sox waited longer than you assholes. The White Sox deserved to win last year. The Cubs deserve it more because they are at least pleasant to be around. Babe, Bucky, Buckner, Boone. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE RUINED YOUR LIVES PSYCHOS!!! And you wonder why Buckner stiffed you assholes at the ring ceremony. You can have that fat fuck (Ortiz), you can have shitlocks (Manny), you can have the Bush loving redneck asshole (Schilling), you can have Varidickless, and you can have Papelshit. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP THREATNING ME AND MY FAMILY for rooting for the Yankees you pieces of shit. That's it, That's my statement!!!!
Aaron Boone. Game 7. Walk-off home run. Greatest moment in baseball history. FOX shows Pedro, Nixon, and Red Sox fans in Yankee Stadium crying. 'Nuff said.
by MTS July 14, 2006
Far and away the worst president in American history.
George W. Bush has set this country back for years and is the personification of every single reason the world hates America.
by MTS July 17, 2006
The worst franchise in the history of sports. The REAL evil empire. A team that tries their hardest to be what they hate. A team whose fans who are the worst human beings on the planet. If I didn't know any better, Fenway Park is like Niagara falls because it can't possibly be big enough to hold the tears of these whiners, and the constant diaper changing that takes place here. Fuck you assholes AND the horse you rode in on!!!!
The last time I checked, the devil is RED, not navy blue. Check your facts you shitface dickless piece of shit red sox fans
by MTS July 16, 2006

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