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A trick in all freestyle sports such as skateboarding or snowboarding in which the athlete contacts the ground with his or her face. Term is derived from other tricks such as a foot plant or hand plant in that the trick involves placing a body part on the ground as part of the trick. Although wildly popular, the face plant is rarely performed on purpose.
Person 1: "Dude, that was the gnarliest face plant I've ever seen!"
Person 2: "I should go to the hospital."
by MTB man July 05, 2011
Padded shorts used for biking, also known as a chamois. Feels like a full wet diaper when you sit down after a long bike ride, but instead of urine, it's wet with crotch sweat.
Person 1: "good ride, man."
Person 2: "Yah, that was a long one. I really need to go change my biker diaper."
Person 1: "gross.... Me too...."
by MTB man July 05, 2011
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