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3 definitions by MTAallday aka Abs

Used to describe when someone says something that is no good or to describe something that is no good, or wack.
Dan: Yo son idk if I'm going to practice tomorrow night, I'm kinda sore from the weekend.
Mike: Man that's some previous level shit, you haven't been to practice in a month.
by MTAallday aka Abs December 01, 2010
A noun describing someone who is lazy, a failure, struggling, or who messed up on something.
Jim: hey man how long is your speech?

John: What? that was due today?? i didn't even start it yet.

Jim: damn dude your such a squainer.
by MTAallday aka Abs January 26, 2011
It's a phrase used when describing something that is real talk or a very true, possibly deep statement.
Mike: That Megan Fox is fine as hell these days.

Dan: That's some real tiggy.
by MTAallday aka Abs December 01, 2010