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1.) Being beat in football by a team coached by Mark Dantonio, whether he is coaching at Cincinnati, Michigan State, or any other school he may go to in the future. Always followed by an exclamation point!

1.) Next year Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines are gonna get Dantoniowned!

by MSUSpartan August 23, 2008
Forbidden practice of attempting to make one’s self sound more hip, cool, or otherwise socially attractive via alterations in normal vocal inflection. Practiced by males, even though once in a while there is a female who does it.

The general concept has also now been transferred to other an abundance of other activities, as various individuals have been accused of "pushing" their eyes, foreheads, chests, funniness, skinniness, intelligence, eyebrows, anger, love, and other attributes to make themselves seem sexier.

Why do you talk like that? Stop pushing your voice. You're a loser. Just be yourself.
by MSUSpartan August 23, 2008

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