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A member of NAMBLA. An adult male who likes to have sex with young boys.
Are you a gambler or a Nambler? "Scooter"
by MSK May 09, 2006
Mi'ens is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Pronounced Mih Enz, like Mittens without the 'Ts'.
mi-ens on bandcamp dot com
I listened to some awesome postrock today: Mi'ens!
by MsK September 27, 2013
Every knight in shining armour deserves courtesy head as a reward for saving the damsel in distress. Actually almost any favour done for a girl can be rewarded with courtesy head, out of the goodness of her sweet little heart..
Tom helped Sarah move into her new house. Always being appreciative of others Sarah sat Tom down on her new bed and gave him the most rewarding courtesy head, until his hot load exploded inside her mouth.
by MSk September 12, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the whole world, she's the best girlfriend ever and just perfect from every aspect.
Name an angel sent from up above, Tashmim.
by Msk January 23, 2014

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