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person who girls with no lives obsess over. they have no chance with this person, but will not take this for an answer. instead they continue to fantasize about trips they will take with this person and times they will get to see him.

"omg, look its fabio!"
"*drooling* we have no chance with him, but lets make a secret plan to take him away with us on a trip"
by MRRTortoizee! March 25, 2009
A type of person that a select group of people admire tremendously. This group however, is filled with idiots and rude people who have no lives.

An Angelo can also be described as an angel or a man who shaves his legs.
"Omg there's an Angelo!"
"He's AWESOME!, but we have no lives"
by MRRTortoizee! March 23, 2009
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