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An un air conditioned car or truck. Want cool air, you open both or all four windows at highway speeds of 70 MPH or higher on a hot day in this here Lone Star State of Texas. Texas air conditioning could also be referred to as "250" or "470" air conditioning (two windows and 50 MPH or four windows and 70 MPH)
That old black Chevy pickup has Texas air conditioning. The driver has gotta be sweating away with that red vinyl interior combined with a black exterior along with Texas air conditioning. Must be from Minnesota or the Dakotas where people drive dark colored cars and trucks without air conditioning due to mild summers.
by MPotter September 14, 2006
A leaded premium grade of gasoline marketed by the now-defunct Gulf Oil Company.
Try a tank of Gulf No-Nox today. At the Sign of the Orange Disc, your Gulf Dealer.
by MPotter September 06, 2006

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