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a really really awesome girl
wow, she's such a yiyi! i'm so jealous.
by mpc April 04, 2005
a term used to describe an extremely awesome, extroidinary action or object.
Those new wheels are so wicked sweet.
by MPC October 25, 2003
A small animal or child of extreme annoyance.
Manzo's god damn ferrets are major ass critters.
by MPC November 03, 2003
one who stays up late talking to awesome people
i talked to boogaerts last night! did you?
by mpc April 04, 2005
Usually a physically and mentally weak individual who finds thier only pleasure in making unintelligent cracks on other people.
That kid Derek talking smack about people is such an assgoblin.
by MPC October 25, 2003
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