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4 definitions by MP666

(Or, "ball clencher", "cheek clencher", or just "clencher" for short)

A bad or painful result. Similar to having one's goolies put in a vice. Can also mean a bad or painful result for someone else.
Glen: What's up dude?
Sandeep: My God. I followed our analyst recommendation and bought Enron bonds. They've just filed for Chapter 11 and there's no bid for the shit. I've just lost $35,000,000.
Glen: Wow, that is a Class A goolie-clencher. Think you'd better find a headhunter.

Mark: How did the Quantum Mechanics exam go?
John: Terrible. Question 2, you had to derive the magnetic moment of the electron from scratch!
Mark: WHAT? What a ball-clencher! That takes hours!

Duncan: Was that snotty kid we saw last year bowling his shite?
Josh: Yeah, first two balls I smacked him for six, and then the next one I drove it back over his head for four missing his head by about 2 inches ...
Duncan: Clench!
by MP666 March 04, 2010
(1) A heel-less pointy leather Moroccan slipper
(2) Cross between a baboon and a douche, and thus a pompous ass with a pink ass
Glen: Seen William recently?
Chris: Phhhhh, what a babouche that guy is, how he ever made MD I'll never know.
by MP666 March 02, 2010
Baboon's bone, i.e. a monkey's erection. Also can mean a stuck-up little cock.
Nick: Have you read William's piece on sovereign debt markets?
Chris: It was embarrassingly bad. That guy is such a babone.
Nick: Yeah, he has a pompous writing style but knows nothing.
by MP666 March 16, 2010
pu-kes'-cent Nauseating, repulsive.
Ed: What did you reckon to the vocals in that jazz piece?
Richard: Ewww. They were pukescent. I had to clench my buttocks.
Ed: Yeah, it was all a bit pretentious.
Richard: You wouldn't catch the Sex Pistols writing slimy shite like that.
by mp666 July 02, 2013