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Haole is a Hawaiian word used when Captain Cook arrived in Hawai'i. Ha, meaning breath and ole derived from a'ole, meaning no. Captain Cook did not exchange breaths like Hawaiians usually do as a greeting.

The term haole is used to state a fact or in a derogatory sense. Most Hawaiians are now part haole and some referred to as "mixed plate" because they have numerous nationalities.
Fact: "Whoa, 'Ola is choke haole. But he still one moke. CHEE PONO!"
Wow, Keola's heritage contains a high percentage of white ancestry. On the contrary, he is very much Hawaiian. YEAH!

Derogatory: "WAT U FUCKIN HAOLE!"
Run cuz u gonna get yo ass kicked FAKA!
by MOKE96795 February 27, 2006

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