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happy means
1)favored by luck or fortune
2)notably fitting, effective, or well adapted
3)enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment
4)expressing or suggestive of happiness
5)having or marked by an atmosphere of good fellowship
those r the meanings of happy
now these r the better meanings of happy
happy= 4 guys= boner
girls= iono
this guy felt very happy after ma cuzin flashed him :)
by MOItttcrulesMOI July 17, 2004
Blue= oral/ blowjob/ head
red = lapdance
yellow= hug/ or kiss mostly hug
white =flash boobies (sometimes = gay kiss, or french kiss)
pink = flashin
hot pink= makeout
clear pink = grl's choice
clear= the breaker's/ snapper's choice
purple= anal(doggy style, or holdin hands)
silver/gray= fistin
green= eat out
orange = kiss
glow in da dark= sex t.

black& red= 69
brown= toss my SALAD
glittery gold= make out
Clear 1s(any color other tahn clear pink)= watever the breaker wants

there are more than that way way way way way way way way way way way way way more than that
those r the meanings DEAL W/ IT....
these r juss a freakin escuse 2 do it and 4 parents 2 blame on doin it... if they pop 1 it juss means they like u or sumthin like that... parents think they know it all..... JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.... it's the kid's choice they can do it if they please.... ok????

This dude likes me & wants me 2 give him head... so he wants 2 pop ma blue 1.... it'll b so funny when i tell him that it duzn't nessecarily mean i gotta do it :)
by MOItttcrulesMOI July 17, 2004

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