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An Exclamation!

A "German-styled" grasp of the buttox for the personal pleasure of the groper, not the gropie. Attempted quickly like a Goose, but the hands linger at the moment of queeze (For what purpose, only the groper can say).

Sometimes confused with a Hitler, but in truth, there is no connection.
The woman sqeezed the boy toy's buns with vigor!

Man: "OUCH! Bunzengropen!"
by MNateM January 29, 2008
A poo with the consistancy of a type of peanut butter. A fairly rank bowel movement. Usually (but not always), follows a Jiff.
Man1: (fffrrrt)

Man2: "Dude! Did you Nutty Jiff yourself or what?!"
by MNateM January 29, 2008
A racists who posts on the internet to explore his/her misguided creativity, linking the word or term "black" or "Nigger" with other dictionary words in a feeble attempt at brevity. Creedmoors idolize a cult-like German philosophy put to rest in World War II. But due to genetic defect clings to the idea of dominating other races and stronger personalities via verbal flamewar. Can be confused with the derogatory term skinhead but has too much self-loathing to participate in group activities.

His/Her credo is moored in place by personal fears of acceptence, hence the linkword: Creedmoor.
Poster A: "heh, I just posted the term Niggerace. I'm so witty!"

Poster B: "Weak dude... weak. I bet you posted something about a Hitler moustache being cool too.

Poster A: "(long pause)... NO!"

Poster B: "(sigh) ...Creedmoor."
by MNateM February 24, 2008

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