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A Nikki is a one if a kind who was birthed of the god Zeus. Therefore this explains her godlike appearance and ability. After meeting a Nikki, it becomes obvious that she is an Olympian, and has extra terrestrial powers; hence the offspring name Nicole (in which her mother speaks of her). If you ever invite Nikki on a date, suggest making tie-dye cake, smiley face chips (of British form), or playing Mario Kart. However, you shall NEVER grant her with a Burger King crown, speak of b-dawg, or 'Jonah'. If this rare occasion happens, QUEEN B**CH comes out, and this will wreck your relationship. The curse of MNJAH would strike upon you as you plunge off of the face of the earth after seeking forgiveness. You are now stamped with the label <Peasant>
A: Have you ever met a Nikki?
B: I did yesterday in the elevator. So grateful for her 25 seconds of presence before she crutched away.
A: Well, Nikkis commonly have injuries after competing in the Olympics. You gotta bear with them
B: Thanks dude, so why'd she call me a peasant?
A: *death stare*
B: *gaping mouth*
A: *faints*
by MNJAH February 10, 2013

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