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1 definition by MNBrant

gangstalking is either paranoia or an attempt to make a sane person appear crazy. For instance how do they know that people are telling their boss to fire them or that people are spreading rumours about them when they don't actually hear the rumours from other people but only inside their head. There does seem to be a pattern to what is said and alot of the terminology is the same throughout all the descriptions. I am guessing that some device has been created that allows for audible and visual hallucinations to occur. That or you are really crazy like I am. heh
gangstalking includes rumours but for victims of gangstalkers they never hear the rumours and if you ask the person you think is spreading the rumours they alway say they have no idea what you are talking about even if you heard them specifically say it. I am guessing they are either natural or artifically induced hallucinations.
by MNBrant April 20, 2011
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