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1 definition by MMFNKJ

possiblly the greatest collection of girls in America and beyond. Known for beauty, class, and personality, these girls top those from all other schools, especially Longwood. As opposed to other college girls, Sweet Briar girls actually know how to get (and KEEP) men and not whore around on a daily basis. The girls, being from families of prestige and honor, take care of themselves, and because they always look breathtaking, are instantly hated on by other, uglier girls from "regular universities". Sweet Briar girls do not lie, cheat, or steal. They are prime examples of what every woman should strive to be. If you think our campus is beautiful, wait until you see our girls!!!
"Longwood to bed, Sweet Briar to wed"
Guys date girls from Sweet Briar College because they don't want they're dicks to fall off from LU girl's diseases
by MMFNKJ April 06, 2009