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6 definitions by MLWoo

To kick back and chill unbelievably hard.
Dude man that party was straight kicks, very relaxed.
by MLWoo May 30, 2008
verb; To relax and kick back even hard that one who is straight kicks.
Dude, I just ate so much queso and pot. It's gonna be straight kicks McGradles tonight for me.
by MLWoo June 02, 2008
noun; The game "Call of Duty 4" on Xbox 360.
Dude, let's straight kicks and play some Dutes.
by MLWoo June 02, 2008
noun; a dip of tobacco.
Man, I can't wait to put in a yip scon , go staright kicks, and play some dutes.
by MLWoo June 02, 2008
To smoke a cigarette.
MLWeezy: Yonbones, wanna moke choi?

Yonbones: Nah, I'm gonna have a yip scon instead.
by MLWoo May 30, 2008
When you are suped up, flying around the house, not a care in the world, and rich with powerful awesomeness, you are JELAFIED. Join in the movement for a new feeling of groove city, get JELAFIED.

When you want to turn life around, get JELAFIED. It is thae anti-poverty, anti-dallas, pro-free love feeling in every single heart of man woman child and dog.

Blue? Not when your JELAFIED. This movement will never stop as long as the feeling of pure bliss is in the hearts of the truly gnarly. Accept yourself to become JELAFIED.
Dude, I am straight kicks right now. This day has been so JELAFIED.
by MLWoo May 30, 2008