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A MLIAer is someone who is a deticated fan of MLIA. They are perhaps the awesomest people to ever surf this web and have very distingishable characteristics:

-they LOVE Harry Potter

-they HATE twilight

-they will forever be on a quest to find Waldo

-They have thing for ninjas

-they obviously agree that Google is far better than Yahoo

-Are quite interesting in random websites such as Cleverbot, weird laws and how many of me.

-They are deticated to make this world a much more average place
"guy 1-Dude, did you see that fort someone build in the wal-mart? They are all camped out in in dressed as wizards while punching an edward shirt! they must be ninjas!
guy 2- nah man, those are MLIAers!"
by MLIA4EVER April 05, 2011

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