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A prep is usually a popular person in school. The stores they mainly shop at is Hollister and Abercrombie&Fitch. Yes, these types of people don't give two shits to spend $50 on a shirt that only advertises the store around the chest area. They may shop at American Eagles sometimes, but other times, it just may not be good enough for them. There life revolves around drama and being the center of attention. They are co-dependant, as well. They are drama queens, and cry over the stuppidest shit. They need to get a grip on life instead of focusing on 'whats in' and drama.
prep1 - "Oh my god, did you see that britanny was making out with brad?
prep2 - "oh my god yes i know. she's such a whore.
prep1 - "oh my god i know. and brads a jerk-off."
prep2 - "like oh my gawd i cant believe this. im going to go be a whore and tell the world about my story even though nobody cares about it."
prep1 - "like oh my god do it girlfriend!"
by MJV1993 March 29, 2008

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