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11 definitions by MJPDII

Air in the vagina that is released by a good fucking.
I love the way that beaverburp sounded as I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy.
by MJPDII August 06, 2003
Someone who loves to drink cum.
I nutted in a glass and my girlfriend drank it like it was nothing and wanted more, but this time she got it stright from the tube, what a cumchugger she is.
by MJPDII August 06, 2003
Someone who has sex for crank/speed.
You are a toothless crankwhore.
by MJPDII August 06, 2003
A girl who is addicted to cum.
That skank sucked my dick like she needed my cum inside of her, she was a real cumjunkie.
by MJPDII August 02, 2003
Air that comes out of a woman's vagina during sex.
I love to make muff music during sex.
by MJPDII August 03, 2003
When a mans dick and balls get somewhat tangled between his legs, either by walking, sitting, or sleeping.
When I wear shorts with no underwear and try to sit down, my cock and balls sometimes get cought under my thigh causing a ballwedgie.
by MJPDII August 06, 2003
Someone who is being used just for sex.
That bitch is just another nuttbucket to me.
by MJPDII August 02, 2003