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A library at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Located at 600 N. Park St. College (also known as Helen C White) is the most popular library on campus, and during exams it can be impossible to find a desk. It harbors a social academic studying attitude. College is most familiar with students pulling all-nighters. Given its 24 hour status, and late nite coffee, College is a procrastinators dream and savior. But those that make it to the morning are greeted by a sweet sunrise over lake Monona, and a long day.
James: "I had sex in the library!"

Alex: "At College Library?"

James: "No. That'd be stupid dude. Where would I have done it? At Memorial, in the stacks"
by MJE November 06, 2007
Messed Up Testicles

When a guy's balls are nasty, misshapen , deformed, distorted... missing. When the balls don't look right and they are messed up they are mesticals.

"I swear, his mesticals was shaped were Abraham Lincoln. And it even had a beard."
by MJE November 06, 2007

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