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noun; pronounced lo-see; friend who does not drive and always needs a ride. be warned will bribe with halo and free churros if not careful
-So i was goin to the game when "the locy" called and asked for a ride. i get there and the fuckers playin halo and eatin hot churros.
-U give him a ride?
-Fuck yeah he had churros.
by MIKEYW October 03, 2006
expression; fictionaly police who pick up people acting like homos
Hey give me back that coke. If u dont ill fuckin call the homopopo on your bitch ass.
by MIKEYW October 03, 2006
one who likes the dicka in the butta (can be male or female) nice broad term
My friend Laura Evans is TOTALLY an ass koopa.
by MIKEYW September 28, 2006
noun; unwanted friend who leeches all of your other friends. when one friend has a good catch-phrase or joke the leecher jumps all over it and takes it for himself/herself.

I told this joke about giving a nasty dragon and the next day i hear dumbass say the same one. What a fuckin leecher.
by MIKEYW October 03, 2006

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