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Medivh, a Character used in the series of Warcraft. He is often seen opening the dark portal ordering gul'dan to order his warlocks to double their efforts. Medivh can often be used as an insult by calling someone Medivh.
"Wow aaron your medivh, I hate you" instead of "Wow aaron your so completley gay and homosexual, I hate you"
by MIKE HUNT IN THE TWEEST June 25, 2008
Jain is an act of Ninjaing, or stealing an item or thing. It can also be used as a noun in which the person calls someone a jain. This meens that this person is a person who ninjas or steals things, or that person is really really gay. Also one can yell jain to imply they are angry or simply to be inine.
Nick says "aaron you jain, you just stole my dignity"
Medivh says "Wow you are a complete jain" Instead of saying "Wow I completley hate you your gay.
Aaron yells "JAINNNNN"
by MIKE HUNT IN THE TWEEST June 25, 2008

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