1 definition by MICKEY41

A wonderful mode of transportation. Insights pride in ownership in all Pt Enthusiasts.
I am a proud owner of a PT cruiser. I am not gay, I am a single female and love my car. The descriptions that are negative must be coming from people who have never experienced the pleasure of driving a car such as mine. I resent the negative comments as I have never talked bad about the car you choose to drive.
Pt drivers, thousands of us love to meet each other and talk about our cars. We have so much fun together at our rallies. We add modifications to our vehicles and yes we do embrace the retro look of our vehicles. We try to enhance that feature with our mods.
I did live in the Hot Rod Retro Era and this car takes me back to the good old days where cars were respected and not critised.
by MICKEY41 September 14, 2007

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