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the most dominating supermarket in the world.
" man , somerfield is so great"
by MG99 September 02, 2004
The 2004 BYAFA Youth Champions
Jamal : "those Bath Cardinals rule man"

Terrell : "true dat!"
by MG99 September 06, 2004
Egg Custard Tarts - little pastry things filled woth egg custard
Burt :" ummmmmmmmmmmmmm these ECT'S are delicious "

Jamal: " ur damn straight they are dawg"
by MG99 August 28, 2004
the Bath Cardinals are an elite american football team, so "Bath Cardinals" is a word for when there is something elite.
damn that pass was so elite


damn that pass was so Bath Cardinals
by MG99 July 29, 2004

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