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The pattern of a mans released load, forms the pattern of a shoelace.
Someone just pulled a Gary Coleman, and shoelaced the toilet seat.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
A Hamburger so nasty that you would rather be eating a heffer's snatchbox.
(not to be confused with Snatchburglar)
Me and the MG-Boyshad a BBQ the other day and 2-litre Coke Bottle brought some snatchburgers to cook.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
When a women pleasures a man by stroking his rager.
Look at that heffer over there eating that snatchburger I bet she gives a good hand shanty.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
Named after Dave Papachini's throbbing rager.
John came out of the shower in Quebec city traumatized, for he had just seen the mans 2-Litre Coke Bottle.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
A throbbing hard-on which can only be tamed by pulling a Gary Coleman.
I was in McDonald's one day when I spotted a heffer ordering a Snatchburger. I was so turned on that I had a rager.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004
A man of middle eastern decent.
That fucking snake eater just cut me off with his Taxi.
by MG Boys November 21, 2004

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