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Acronym for "So Not German". Used for expressing one's amazement at another person's display of a behavior decidedly different from that of a stereotypically German person. Is also more generally used for pointing out a characteristic in someone or something of German origin that does not meet the observer's expectations because it is in startling contrast to his or her perception of Germany and all things German.
That guy Dietrich gave me a hug to say sorry he was late. SNG!
by MEGATiN! February 17, 2011
In addition to what a purely literal reading of the word suggests ("the study of maps") it is also the ancient art of divination of future events through maps and charts based on geographical features of the real world. One who is trained in the practice of these sacred rituals is called a Cartologist. This honorable profession is not to be confused with the mere trade of the "Cartographer" who can only be considered a technician in comparison. A true Cartologist has been endowed with the skills to foretell one's path in life by observing the intricate geometrical figures on any kind of topographical map (that is reasonably accurate) depicting the subject's immediate surroundings at the moment of the soothsaying. It has also been described as "navigational forecasting" and "finding one's way" with the clear intention of alluding to the spiritual connotations of said expressions.
We're lost! We will have to consult the map. Is there anyone here who's been inaugurated to the cult of Cartology?
Let the Cartologist read the map! He will know where we're going.
by MEGATiN! July 21, 2011

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