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5 definitions by MEATLOVHER

Vore where an actual person is killed. Like snuff porn, except the eating of the victim is a vital component. If the victim is not eaten, it's not ardvore. In modern times most ardvore involves snuffers wearing meatmasks eating one or more victims. In large productions animals (bears) or automata (hydraulic zardoz heads) may be involved.
"Ardvore just doesn't do it for me, I like the anime stuff way more."

by MEATLOVHER March 05, 2009

An omni-shredder is a small handheld device that turns anything fed into it to mulch. They're used to protect confidentiality in the workplace. If you modify it to wear it on your face and look like a mouth, you have what vorephiles call a meatmask. It puree's meat and bone and shoots a messy meat smoothie down the throat tube of the wolf-wannabe. A meatmask is illegal, like you didn't know.
"I bought a second hand broken meatmask off ebay, it gets me hot, just thinking about how many people it gobbled up."
by MEATLOVHER March 04, 2009

A Voraphile who's primary interest is watching or taking part in people being eaten alive by people, animals or automata based on greek and roman myth.

It's origin is from Ray Harryhausen, a stop-motion artist from the 1950's - 1970's. His most famous films were about greek and roman myth.

In the case of SoftVore the entire affair can be fantasy, an anime or with cg. In HardVore or SnuffVore the live victim is often dressed like a sacrifice to the gods or a gladiator and then a Vorephile wearing a meatmask will feed on the victim.
"Derek's a Hornyhausen, I watched him jacking off to the first chick that gets eaten in king kong!"
by MEATLOVHER March 04, 2009
{goor-mey, goor-mey}


A vorephile who gains sexual pleasure from turning human meat into gourmet food. In making the human into meat, the messier the better. The greater the juxtopostion between the meat and the food, the greater the arousal. Some Voremets gain additional pleasure from serving the prepared human flesh to unaware diners. Some prepare their own meat, but most order their meat online.

"A think the restaurant down the street is a voremet supply depot"


"because I saw body bags going in its back door"
by MEATLOVHER March 04, 2009


A branch of Vorephilia where the Vorephile gets pleasure from watching a live ardvore show. The amount paid is directly proportional to the number in the audience and the proximity of the action. 'Voyres' (as people into voyvore are known) sometimes take souvernirs, or at least that's how they get caught.
"Voyvore is an expensive pass time"
by MEATLOVHER March 05, 2009