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What Americans call survivor is what Canadian's call camping.
Americans: Wow I can't believe they did that in Survivor!
Canadians: What they only went on a camping trip for a couple of weeks, I did that last year for fun.
by ME.0 April 20, 2011
Party animals that live in New-Brunswick Canada and drink all night and party till they can no longer stand up. They comonly speak in French, English and most often Chiac
Man i heard a party's going on at *Acadien Friend*'s house, you going?
by ME.0 April 20, 2011
The best hockey player of his time he was placed in the hockey hall of fame since 1962. He was most known because he played with THE BEST hockey team of all time the Montreal canadians.
Friend #1: Quik tell me fast who is the worlds best player
Friend #2: euhhh... Maurice Richard
by ME.0 April 20, 2011
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