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4 definitions by ME SO IDIOT

The polite exclamation that should be shouted if one is a midget wrestler running away from the dragon/duck from the atari adventure game "ADVENTURE"
"Sombowee geh tis fweekin duck away fwom me"- the deleted scene from the thriller "SEARCH FOR THE YELLOW DELLO" It was deleted- sorry, baleated- because of Homestar's bad language. That's what you get for trying to copy Stong Bah. Imean, Strong Bad.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
A real wrestle man. Also known as Strong Badman. Has no fingers and a The Cheat.
Get in the boat fish. Get in the boat fish fish.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
A big, neckless pink guy in a singlet. Can't say anything normal. Like Douglas.
Also enjoys making origami out of unused emails.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
Someone who makes strong bad have to make the cheat make him another cake.
Uhhhhh- a cake for the poopsmith? DEUCE!
by ME SO IDIOT April 26, 2003