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Love You Like A Sister
Hey, i'll talk to you later. Lylas!
by me March 19, 2003
Something you should do but never do, becauser you have way to much and you have 10000000 better things to do
Homework isn't impotant, It's only a waste of time
by Me June 09, 2004
a fat chinese kid that rolls to his classes
"holy crap, shen is fat"
by me April 12, 2005
Bubb Rubbs less popular side kick who needs to understand that a whistler tip is not a decoration cause u cant see it
we do it fo decoration man jus fo decoration das it and das all
by me August 23, 2003
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter born in '93.
Frances looks just like her father.
by Me January 18, 2004
a hilarious show with unforgettable lines
fez-those cows won't know what hit them-even after it hits them-they wont know-because they're cows

fez-ah-no chips left-i must shoot something
eric-not the littlest hobo!noooo!!!

kelso-give those cows hell boys
by me June 30, 2005
a word u use wen theres nothing else to say
hmm ..........................
by me December 09, 2003
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