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a girl who blatently brags about how much money her family has and how her family chooses to spend their money i.e. cars, mansions, vacations, etc. Also, this girl can be extremely obnoxious, mean and nasty while around people who arent as financially endowed as her.
Becky just bragged to Mary about her three Corvettes, her 8.3 million dollar house and her vacation home on Turks and Caicos, even though she knows Mary is really poor.
by MDOG February 06, 2004
another word for WINDOW TINT
Jo mang i gots muh tint papa dark like a mug mang
by mdog March 27, 2005
Terms window tinters use for installing tint
JO mang i be slangin papa like a mug up in heah
by mdog March 27, 2005
another word for McDONALDS fast food
jo mang lets be gettin sum dat MAC DIZZLES and shizz mang.
by mdog March 27, 2005
slang for the work shit
I gots ta go ta work and shizzz mang.
by mdog March 27, 2005
another way to say here
jo mang it be all hot like mug up in heah
by mdog March 27, 2005
An old ugly women over the age of 30 who frquents clubs and bars in search of having sex with a young guy
Dude your mom Janet is a cougar
by mdog March 21, 2003
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