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A snitch, pussy bitch
Wow, lets beat the shit out of that kid, he is a straight up spitch
by MCW executives March 28, 2012
A scale to rank African Americans, starting from best to worst:

Trigger: A true nigger
Nigger: A normal black person, nothing special
Wigger: A white boy who wants to be a nigger
Tricca: A trick nigga
Snigga: A snitch nigga
Cam: Man doe, that boy clemons is such a trigger.

Rex: Fuck you say?

Cam: A trigger man, a true nigger. Know your igga scale
by MCW executives December 09, 2012
The space between two lateral vaginas on a single female
If Hazel Jones doesn't take that million dollars to do porn, I will kick her straight in the vooch
by MCW executives March 13, 2012

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