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Daughter to Gerard and LynZ Way.
Born on 27th of May 2009. At 2:57. Weighing 6lbs 5.7 oz
Shes beautiful like Bandit Lee Way
by MCR-forever-emo-never June 28, 2009
Eliza Cuts
ex-fiance/girlfriend of MCR frontman Gerard Way.
Often used by MCR fans to describe a two-timer,backstabber,racist or skank. She used 2 be a hairdresser for MCR.
are you still going out with >insert name here<
yeah but im still with >insert someone elses name here<
by MCR-forever-emo-never June 28, 2009
LynZ is the bassist in the band MSI (mindless self indulgence) she first joined the band for a joke and couldnt actually play bass atall.
Her real name is Lyndsey Ann Ballato. she recently changed it to Lyndsey Ann Way after marrying MCR frontman Gerard Way. She is the mummy 2 baby Bandit Lee Way.
Sometimes used 2 describe someone bending over bakcwards.
OMG did she does do a LynZ!
by MCR-forever-emo-never June 28, 2009
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