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2 definitions by MCGLide

When a KFC opens in a prominently black neighborhood
Kenny: Yo Tyrone i jus got my welfare check

Tyrone: Watcha gonna buy?

Kenny: Well it's Jigaboo Christmas down here, so Ima pick me and my baby mamma up a 6 piece wing and a bucket son.
by MCGLide May 02, 2007
1.)The day the new KFC opens in a prominently black neighborhood.
2.)The day yo baby daddy gets his first welfare check
1.)Oh my God its jigaboo christmas, we gonna go down to the corner and stock up on some wings and a 15 piece son!

2.)Yo its jigaboo christmas, i just got my check and I'm goin to the liquor store to cash it and buy myself 14 forties.
by MCGlide January 08, 2007