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1 definition by MCFLYY

Kobe Bryant is known for many, many, many things, positives and negatives. Let's start with the negatives; He unintentionally forced the only other thing the Lakers had going for them out the door, in Shaq. In doing so, he also forced Phil Jackson out too and Phil wrote a book about how uncoachable Kobe really is. Lastly, and frankly the most negative thing about Kobe, he got away with a rape trial in Colorado. But seriously, the NBA is a bunch of thugs, that could have been anyone.

Now let's move to his positives, on the court. He is the most gifted player in the league right now and will continue to be until there is no more motivation left for him. Phil Jackson contradicted himself and returned to coach the "uncoachable Kobe." The thing you have to realize about Kobe is his willingness to win, whether it be him taking 25+ shots a game or scoring 10 points and 12 assists. He is the most diverse player in the game and is a grandfather now of all aspects of the game. People who sit down and appreciate what he does ON the court will see how he makes those precision behind-the-back passes and those textbook baseline fade aways. His offensive game is unmatched in today's NBA, he has range from anywhere on the floor, he has court vision, he has flawless speed and vertical and lastly he has the presence of mind for any situation in a basketball game.
"Oh my goodnees, that was a KOBE bryant three!"

"Oh shit, Kobe has done it again..."

"Kobe dropped 81...thats unheard of in today's game"
by MCFLYY March 08, 2007