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3 definitions by MC70

A hood with a trap door on a plymouth musclecar which opens to deliver cold air to the carbs via/switch under dashboard. A dodge version of hood is called "Ramcharger"
Not all Roadrunners came with the air grabber hood.
by MC70 July 19, 2010
The Best BMX Cranks ever built.
That bmx has 401 flight cranks by Redline.
by MC70 July 19, 2010
A stolen car, truck or motorcycle with vehicule I.D. tags taken from a legit although wrecked vehicule. Hence masking it...a box. Also in French...une Boite.
If you get pulled over & cops do a check of all the VIN numbers on a box it might be confiscated & towed away.
by MC70 November 03, 2010