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The act of stealing a certain style, look,phrase, but not physically stealing
-All them otha rappers be crimpin my style
- Posers are all crimpin those gangster looks
-"You're so fat that you're askin fo' thirds, trendy-ass wigs be a crimpin' my words"
by MC Zebra November 20, 2005
a fine looking drunk girl. One that's tipsy wit a booty.A badrunkadunk is a drunk girl that you can take home and later tell ya homies about without being embarassed.
"aye farma this party is full of Badrunkadunks,I got work to do"

"yeah that girl becomes a Badrunkadunk on that weekend, got that dookie-booty and that apple-bottom"
by MC Zebra October 29, 2006

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