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Brace burn accures when a hot bitch with braces goes down on you and ends up giving your dick an indian burn with her braces.
(Friend) Yo man, why you walkin' funny?

(You) That damn bitch Emily gave me brace burn! It hurts like a son of a bitch!
by MC Reynolds September 05, 2006
WARNING: This maneuver is more complicated than it sounds and can lead to dry mouth or brace burn unless done under the supervision of trained professionals.

The term whirly is derived from the act of a hawt biscuit putting her mouth around the male penis or dick and beginning to spin around the shaft like a helicopter or "whirly" while the man lays on his back.

The term pop refers to the act of the aforementioned male blowing his load directly into the back of a girl’s mouth while yelling nyang.
(Talking to a friend) It was all fun and games until Amber decided to give me a whirly pop and ended up getting her garter belt stuck in an industrial fan and spun herself retarded.
by MC Reynolds September 05, 2006
Urban Definition:
A nigga with a big jimmy.

Medical Definition:
A term coined in 1991 after a group of scientists at Duke University in North Carolina studied the individual named Matthew Neely and determined that his penis was the largest penis in the world that could achieve natural erection. The penis measured 42.5 cm in length (in 1991). The truly remarkable aspect of Mr. Neely's anatomy, however, is not his extraordinary penis, but, his larger bones containing dense quantities of bone marrow, aiding in superior blood production. In addition, his veins, arteries, and capillaries are approximately .05% larger than the average human. A larger heart allows for increased blood flow.

Mr. Neely currently resides in Cullowhee, North Carolina and is attending Western Carolina University, and has a major in Hospitality and Recreations.

It is rumored that Ripley's Believe It or Not has offered Mr. Neely two million dollars for the rights to display his penis after his death.
Inquiring male: How the fuck is Matt in and up with all dees bitches?

Friend: Shit, dat nigga got Neely Syndrom. He molly wops bitches to death wit dat thing!

2nd Friend: I heard dat nigga's dick is so long, his cum breaks the sound barrier and shit.

Inquiring male: Negros... you all trippin. Crazy niggas in here.
by MC Reynolds February 12, 2007

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