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A particular type of Grime (dark UK Garage, AKA Sublo) pioneered by MC Wiley. Although the name was made up by Wiley, Eski grime tends to be innovative and bouncey sounding (eg Igloo or Eskimo)
Soundboy rinsin dat eski beat
by MC Reefa March 24, 2004
To kill, often used in soundclashes, (similar to slew)
"Oi Doogz, who got merked?!"
by MC Reefa April 25, 2004
1. Someone who gets completely fucked on gear and starts laughing and being a knob.
2. Jubbing out - like tripping out but involves laughing and acting like a twat.
"Tha boy can't hack his tings for shit, he's jubbing off 1 zoot!"
by MC Reefa April 09, 2004

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