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When you titty-fuck a girl and she sucks your dick simultaneously.
Mark: Hey dude I gave Mandy the 'ol Suck N' Fuck last night and she loved it!

Carl: Aw cool!
by MC Hammer'd December 10, 2009
The current Pope. Hobbies include spreading hypocritical bullcrap across the universe and letting his friends butt-fuck deaf 8 year olds. Also, he fought with the Nazi's in World War 2. But still, he's looked at as the successor of Jesus.
Pope Benedict XVI knows he's screwed when he longs for the days where people only though he was a Nazi, and not a power-crazy pedophile.
by MC Hammer'd April 22, 2010
The act of taking a Crap; Term featured on South Park and other various shows; Comes from the fact that turds are brown and there is water in the toilet bowl
Mom: Be down in a sec honey, I have to drop some black kids off at the pool first.

Dad: Alright babe, don't take too long, because I'll be dropping black kids off at the pool when you're done.
by MC Hammer'd December 09, 2009

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