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1) The female equivilant of a wasteman, meaning a loser i.e. waste of space.
2) A slut. A female that can be used (shagged) and then promptly discarded. A woman of easy virtue, though not necessarily a prositute.

This phrase comes from the combination of the words wasteman and gash, and is becoming ever more popular in the north london and the home counties of UK.
1)"Allow that wastegash"
2)"I linked with a standard wastegash last night. Bare casual ting. You know how we do. "
by MC Blitzkrieg January 30, 2006
verb. to wank, or masturbate.
UK slang made famous by Nappa.
"You get no gash wasteman...i know that you bash wasteman"
by MC Blitzkrieg February 18, 2006
Adjective. Someone who is utterly lame.
Also pronounced lame ass, in America.
"Nick why the fuck did you lock yourself in the bathroom for 4 hours because you were drunk, you total lame arse"
by MC Blitzkrieg February 18, 2006
Pretty much the same as merk or slew. It is the act of inflicting extreme damage either lyrically or physically to another boi. From the verb to slew, but with "age" stuck on the end to make it seem more gangster. This type of terminology (the use of "age" on the end of words, in this case "slewage") was popularised by gangbangin Brit mc Mr Wong in his riddim "wongage", and is commonly used in virtually every endz of da L-O-N.
"Yo bludclat, break yourself, i'm about ta draw for da slewage up in this bitch"

...Booya!...(Gunshots are heard)
by MC Blitzkrieg February 22, 2007
"Dub Geezy" is an alternative name for the town of Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire England, which is one of the most thugged out and gangbanging ends on road. Coined by local rapper MC Blitzkrieg (an affiliate of the MDMA crew), the phrase "Dub Geezy" is growing in popularity and is based on grime terminology for areas of London. Notably North Weezy and N Dubs which refer to areas falling under the north west (NW) postcodes of London.
Other varients of this phrase include "Welwyn Geezy".
1)MC Blitzkrieg - "Dub Geezy to the death ma'fucker"

2) Ross Kemp (from "Ross Kemp on Gangs" on Sky One) - "Now we're all familiar with the gang lands of Brixton, Kingston Jamaica, Compton and El Salvador, but this week I'm gonna explore some really fucked up ghettos in Dub Geezy Hertfordshire"
by MC Blitzkrieg March 20, 2008
To tell someone to get lost.
"Matt you are a homosexual, Duck away!"
by MC Blitzkrieg February 19, 2006
adjective. Used to describe something that is funny. see jokes.

This originates from the Home Counties of the UK, more specifically from the St.Albans area, and is formed by replacing the ending of the word jokes with the sound made popular by snoop dogg, "izzle", thus creating "jizzle". The reasons for doing this are unclear but may be due to a need in the white suburbia of the home counties to sound more gangster, hence the "izzle".
But also may be due to the humorous similarity the word has with another word jizz, which means spunk.
"Yo i'd tap dat gash once for jizzles"
"ha ha ha, that is jizzles"
by MC Blitzkrieg January 31, 2006

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