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A derogatory, yet all-encompassing slang term for the vagina.
Smells like boner holster in here.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
n. bahm-bo-LAY-oh

An alcoholic beverage consumed while one is behind the wheel or riding as a passenger in an automobile.
Seeing as how the casino was a long drive away, we decided it best to go bamboleo so as to not lose our buzz.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
adj.- Used to describe someone who's looks are displeasing to the eye. Correction of this condition is something which cannot generally be fixed by application of make-up or concealer, but mandates corrective plastic surgery. May also be used to describe someone's particular features.

see also go for broke
T'was not until I awoke from a long night of carousing that I realized, as my friends had told me, she was indeed broke.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
Another of the plethora of slang names for the vagina
Things were feeling loose. I got the feeling that this might have, at one point, been a baby exit.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
This is phrase derived from the alternate meaning of 'Broke', "One who's unattractiveness is displeasing to the eye".

Usually coinciding in time with the most generally accepted form of last call, this is the period in which men at the bar realize that they are probably not going to bring home any prize-winning beauties and focus their game on the uglies, disregarding both attractiveness and personality alike. This usually leads to the being in the state of coyote ugly the following morning.
The DJ announced over the mic that it was last call. Taking queue, Johnny scanned the dance floor for anybody, thick or thin, homely and lonely, who would come home him. Yes, it was time to go for broke.
by MC Cancerpants July 31, 2006
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