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Without a doubt, the coolest of the Power Rangers, despite eventually becoming the White Ranger.
If you think any of the Power Rangers are cooler than the Green Ranger, you are wrong.
by MBB June 29, 2005
George W. Bush's justification for all proclamations and decisions that would otherwise be seen as treasonous, detrimental, unsubstanciated, or wrong.
"We live in a post 9/11 world, it is maybe possible that Saddam might be capable of obtaining weapons that could be of mass destruction. So we must invade Iraq."
by MBB January 07, 2005
George Bush is a Fascist.
by MBB May 25, 2005
An amalgamation of the commonplace greeting 'yo' and the acronym 'omgwtfbbq.' The double o is forgiven through aduisynthesis.
Matt says: 'yomgwtfbbq'
Chris says: Hey, how are you!
by MBB April 06, 2005
A further corruption of yomgwtfbbq to incorperate the acronym form of my god I love starberry jam. However, due to the repetition that would occur if mgilsj were to be tacked onto the end, mg has been removed.
Matt says: yomgwtfbbqilsj
Chris says: sup
by MBB April 06, 2005
Dubya is a kakistocrat
by MBB January 06, 2005
1. Official (n): A person with recognized administrative responsibilities in accordance with a specific event, idea, organization. Charged with the task of maintaining order and/or giving help. An authority figure.

2. Official (n): An authorized (noun), authorized by the company, person, government etc. with the rights to the (noun). In essence, something that is sanctioned, supported, or condoned by the owners.

3. Official (Adj): A tagline used incorrectly, frequently, and inanely in topic titles on message boards. Intended to gain the attention of other, also stupid board members, by flagging they're attention. The belief is that people will go to their topic if it is 'official' which in 99.9% of the time, is not actually official, just says it is. Blandly, it is an adjective used by board memebers to indicate the importance or special nature of their topics, regardless of the fact it is not, in fact, official at all.
1. "What is the nature of this exhibit again Rob?"
" I don't know, let's ask an official."

2. Bob Dylan's official website is the website promoted, run, and authorized by Bob Dylan and his record label.

3. "Hmm, how to get attention to my cretinous, unsubstanciated topic....I know! :::::!!!!---THE OFFICIAL HALO 2 TOPIC-----!!!!!:::::::
by MBB January 04, 2005

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