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Someone who doesn't carry their workload.
(said in a higher pitched voice)
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
Someone who is constantly calling the police for the most ignorant or tedious reasons. Typically calls when no emergency exists.
"No big rush to get over there, they are frequent fliers."
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
Regardless of race, gender, etc. etc...
Anyone who commits a crime or is frequently involved in criminal activity.

Somewhat of a politically correct term that has no implifications of racism.
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
(police) the physical force necessary to take a combative person into custody
"We had to thump that guy after he tried to spit on me." (transfer of bodily fluids is a felony FYI)
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
To teach someone a lesson by either beating their ass or denying them something they want very much.
Usually the "training" is done to adjust someone's attitude about performing a certain activity and thus ceasing to do it.
"I trained his dumb ass by knocking his teeth in when he broke into my house."
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
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