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WIZLE Wi-z-uhl(noun)

A sickness in which a person needs friends or they will shrivel up and die.

A White person with an IQ lower than 50 that is such a loser and takes on nigger qualities.

Better known as white trash.
"You should be friends with that person, they have the wizle"

"Hey Wizle! Do you need me to be your friend right now?"

"WIZLE or also known as DITZY KHALIFA", will try to razzle dazzle you, but if you have any intelligence you will see right through them!

Don't act so khalifa! You have some intelligence, use it!
by MASTER WISDOM April 04, 2008
A small particle of semi digested food that when coughing or clearing the throat comes wizing up into the mouth & when crushed has the distinctive odor of wizpoo or Khalifa!
Ditzy Khalifa coughed up a wizpoo ground it between his teeth & gave himself shitbreath
by MASTER WISDOM April 03, 2008

Used to describe a foolish stupid person running a horrible network of some sort or a ban-happy lunatic.
That guy is so wizicle, he once G:Lined a user for saying something about another network.
by MASTER WISDOM April 04, 2008

It's what's {not)happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, AKA the White House. Also, abbreviated WZ. Usually used in a derogatory sense, and on political blogs like DailyKos.

Wizhouse also means do nothing, good for nothing politicians that inhabit same.
What a kick in the WizHouse to have that report about the prisoner abuse coming out right before the elections!
by MASTER WISDOM April 04, 2008

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