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benadryl (antihistamine) in pill form. called pink dreamz because 1. they're pink. and 2. because of the dream-like state of mind your in when you take more than the recommended dose. you will most likely get drowzy and start to hallucinate and see colors, glasses on peoples faces, GHOSTS, cats, the scenery of the place you are at may seem like somewhere else to you, cords like maybe headphone wires start to move like a snake and many other things. also, if your alone doing this, no friends around, you will probably talk to inanamit(bad spelling) objects such as toilets, bushes, tools, water bottles, pretty much anything. but usually you talk to them thinking its a friend of yours. you may start to panic, get depressed or mad at the fact that the object does not respond, so you probably should not do it alone or you will most likely have a bad bad trip.

a good way to be able to tell if your dreamz have kicked in is by looking up at the ceiling, if it looks like the roof is caving in with rain you are OFFICIALLY TRIPPING BALLZ... a word of advice after you trip on this stuff so many times, eventually it starts to not work as well and your nerves start to tingle and you get extremely uncomfortable and cant sleep no matter what you do...unless you down a bottle of robitussin, delsym, generic cough meds, any cough medicine with the chemical DXM (dextromethorphan) in it. (preferably robitussin) due to the fact that you have crazy thoughts go through your mind that the dreamz will make you see instead of thinking them. but you still wont sleep til its out of your system. but thats what the next day is for haha
Steve: dude..dude..are you wearing glasses?
Bob: nah dude..thats the pink dreamz..they make me see glasses all the time

Steve: man im fuckin done with benadryl. it sucks.
Bob: how?
Steve: it was good the first couple times but now it just sucks. cant get comfortable. cant sleep. and im always pissed off. i hate it.
Bob: dude just take some of this robo first and once you start to feel it take your dreamz.
Steve: ok i guess ill try it.
(1 hour later)
Steve: dude i love you your awesome.
Bob: haha thanks man now take the dreamz.
(45 minutes later)
Steve: dude i swear to god the scene from the wall we just watched just happened in this room!
Bob: i dunno man but there is a ghost sitting right next to me and it wont stop staring at me.
Steve: man i gotta piss.
(27 seconds later)
Steve: why cant i fucking pee?
(steve sits down next to the toilet and just stares off into space)
(10 minutes later bob walks in the bathroom to find steve talking to the toilet)
Steve: whats up Bill? Bill? Bill?! what the fuck why wont you talk to me?
Bob: what are you doing man? you've been down here for like a hour. thats not Bill. its a toilet. he's not even here.
Bob: dude Steve was talking to the toilet last night like it was you.
Bill: haha benadryl?
Bob: yup
Steve: i wasnt talking directly to him. the toilet was more like a communication device.
by MARShinLINGO July 07, 2009

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