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After having unprotected sex with a girl and you bust in her afterward you proceed to go down on her and attempt to suck the jizz from her box thus "cleaning her barnicle"
"Last night I had no rubbers but my girl said it was all good as long as I pull out i totally forgot so I had to give her a Barnicle Cleaner; it sucked my lips are still salty"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 23, 2006
A yearly competion where the winner is selected by whoever does the most horribly funny asshole like thing; the winner is decided on halloween every year and is awarded the honor of being asshole of the year and booze because there's no party without booze.
"Now that is some Asshole of the Year quality shit right there"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 31, 2006
A game that consists of a fat girl and your buddy hiding in the closet. You bring a fat girl back to your room and start having sex with her from the back you start insulting her until she can't take anymore and she tries to leave you grab hold and your buddy come's out of the closet and time's how long you can hang on. "The Chub Rodeo"
"Dude last night me and Jeff brought this fat pig back to my house and we gave her the Chub Rodeo I set a new record!!"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 24, 2006
This prestigious honor goes to a person who win's 7 consecutive Asshole of the year award's or 7 in the same decade very rare but very honorable when this happens the winner recieve's the honor of being Dickhead of the Decade and a 15" black dildo..... no one know's why.
"I could have sworn I had Asshole of the Year locked guess I can't mess with the Dickhead of the decade"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 31, 2006
When a girl is on her period and you are having sex with her and after having vaginal intercourse you proceed to hav anal no condom i may add and you hav her lick your penis clean thus completing the rotten rambo
you know that pig rachel ya i was hanging out with her last night .....I gave her THE ROTTEN RAMBO ahhhhh i busted in her hair too.
by marco the magnifico October 16, 2006
The act of sticking your finger up your own ass while in the process of making out with a girl and as a act of fore-play you stick your finger in the girl's mouth to suck on having done this you hav successfully completed "The Dirty Shirley".
"Dude me and Sandra were all over each other last night and outta no where I gave her The Dirty Shirley she didn't even see it coming it was awesome!"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 20, 2006

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