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The adult version of the kid’s drink, shirley temple. Just add grenadine to 7-Up and then make it “dirty” by adding vodka. It’s especially good with raspberry flavoured vodka!
Hmm, i think my dirty shirley would taste better with a bit more grenadine.
by PacifiCait December 17, 2007
The act of sticking your finger up your own ass while in the process of making out with a girl and as a act of fore-play you stick your finger in the girl's mouth to suck on having done this you hav successfully completed "The Dirty Shirley".
"Dude me and Sandra were all over each other last night and outta no where I gave her The Dirty Shirley she didn't even see it coming it was awesome!"
by MARCO THE MAGNIFICO August 20, 2006
Taking a young damsel's virginity and once the cherry is popped wiping the bloodied phallous across the upper lip of said beneficiary.
When Jason and Tica finished copulating for the first time in their lives, to Tica's surprise, Jason wiped his soiled member under Tica's nose and exclaimed, "How's that for a dirty shirley!?"
by JaTica July 27, 2010
A dirty shirley is performed when person name Shirley fingers a female's ass and wipes the remnants on your upper lip.
Dude, I gost herpes from a dirty shirley!
by L to da Dizzo November 08, 2007
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