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A unexpected traffic manuver done in Salinas Calif. where as a driver swerves suddenly to avoid any large plastic bag in the streets out of fear of running over a body. This fear is substantiated by the high regard for human life seen in Salnas.
" god i did the wildest Salinas swerve today .. I am not running over some toddler on my way home..you just never know in Salinas.."
by MadelineB February 23, 2008
You might have to be in California to appreciate this but when you get woken up by and earthquake and you both are so nervous and innervated that all you can do it have sex.
"I was sleeping so well then the freakish earthquake came.. I had to wake Mitchell up to get some quakeup sex just to get back to sleep...
by MADELINEB January 29, 2008
It's what you pretty much end up with as a result of an ill fated "Fix Up Date"and the guy is just so pathetic cause of a divorce or some other normal catastrophe that any woman would toss back 2 Cosmos and move on..
" So i saw Brian a second time..and dang..it was so just draining to hear it over and over so i got to where mercy sex was either a placebo or anesthetic..the sex we won't even discuss....Hey!! Waiter more Cosmos here..!!
by MADELINEB February 08, 2008
A person who has an insatiable lust for lactation and gives you no rest if you are nursing. This can include coworkers and friends boyfriends.They are fiends for it. But you can also make them crawl through broken glass for it....
God my husband locked on my breasts like Lacula..

" I vant to drenk your milk...........!"
by MADELINEB January 27, 2008
A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, TENS unit is a nifty gadget that gives varying patterns and levels or low voltage current and can be modified for lots of sexual uses. A typical battery-operated TENS unit consists of a pulse generator, small transformer, frequency and intensity controls, and a number of electrodes if you choose to try needles as probes then get real hypodermics not sewing needle.you can basically rewire a woman's nerves with this thing.
" I got home and there wasn't crap on TV..so I got Maddy to lay over the arm of the couch pulled her panties down and probed her anus... zapped her with the TENS..and her anus rolled up like a donut... Rewiring Her Remote to zombie was..Lots better then that sad ass game.
by MADELINEB January 26, 2008
Receiving a hand job in lieu of your regular and predictable saturday night sex romp. This can go either way.
"...dang if i didn't have to work the late shift so i had to give Glenn a Saturday Night Fiver.....i need a new job......My wife's folks were over and instead of our usual saturday night fuckfest i had to take her to the right had disco for a Saturday Night Fiver.
by MADELINEB January 29, 2008
when you are sleeping over but find your self having sex with some member of the household.
i did a sleep over at Stephanies.....but when i saw her brother i knew i would be having my own sleep under...damn..i was lucky she was asleep or she would have(box locked) me..
by MADELINEB January 27, 2008

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