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Someone who does not fit in a group of friends; being kept around just to make fun of. One purpose of this person is to keep the group together, because the entire group can have fun making fun of them. However it is alright to actually enjoy the presence of this person, as long as while amongst the group or in the presence of the opposite sex, you still make fun of the Kyleky.
"Shit dude, Kyleky is coming..."
"Don't call Kyleky, what the hell? Is that him walking toward us?"
"Girls, we are going to dance tonight, but don't invite Kyleky. I think she likes girls."
by MABBAM March 19, 2008
A girl that for some unknown reason is picked on by a guy friend of the boyfriend of the said 'OB'. The girl is made fun of by said friend infront of the girls face and behind her back. A true 'OB' is called late in the night by the friend asking the 'OB' to have sex with the friend. The boyfriend is kept completely out of the loop.

OB stands for
1. a person who is extremely OBese
2. a person who has horrible BO ( OB backwards)
3. a person who is an Ornery Bitch
4. one you make fun of behind Ones Back
1.one is an OB because she smells after not taking showers during spring break
by MABBAM July 21, 2008

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